Introducing… Nolabees!

You may have noticed I haven’t written any blog posts in a while… or maybe you haven’t.  Either way, I’ve been a little distracted lately.  I have been working on some really cool things, and one in particular has taken up a lot of my time.

Her name is Nola, or as we sometimes call her… Nolabees!


Nola is not exactly new news, but she is very good news.  Back in August, we had to say goodbye to our sweet, 15-year-old puppy dog, Ruby.  As anyone who has ever had a furry family member can tell you, it was horrible.  Losing a dog is so sad, but eventually you have to make the choice to move on.  Some move on faster than others, and some take longer to recover.  We waited 3 months to decide to adopt our new baby.  In November, a sweet little puppy came into the world, and we knew we had to adopt her.  We weren’t necessarily ready, but she was.  If we didn’t scoop her up then, someone else would, and we didn’t want to risk losing this cute little nugget.


Our friend who volunteers for an amazing no-kill dog shelter fostered a husky, who gave birth to a litter in her house. This superstar fostered a mama and her 8 newborn puppies, too!  We were lucky enough to go meet this sweet mama and her pups at the young age of 4 weeks.  Once you meet a puppy, you can’t undo it.  That is what happened with Nola.  I was hooked.  If I could have cloned Ruby, I would have, but since I couldn’t, I had all these ideas of what I did or didn’t want in my next dog.  For example, I never thought I’d get a husky.  I never thought I’d get a dog with pointy ears.  I always thought I’d end up with a floppy-eared, super furry, cuddly looking dog.  I never wanted a dog with different colored eyes. I was like the perpetually single lady who has a written list of all the qualities she wants in her perfect man that she never finds– except I wasn’t.  I had all these ideas of what I thought I wanted in a dog, and ironically, I ended up with a dog who was the opposite of everything I thought I’d get.

And even though I thought I had all these requirements, I picked her.


You may know by now that I love to turn the smallest, silliest stories into life lessons, and I’ve done that yet again.   Sometimes we think we want something, but we find out that we were completely wrong.  We realize that maybe that’s not what we wanted at all, or maybe we decide those details we thought were so important don’t even matter, or maybe we learn that we are more open than we thought.  I thought I knew exactly how I wanted my dog to be cute, but I learned that my perception wasn’t the only way for her to achieve total and utter cuteness.  In fact, I can’t imagine a having a dog that is any different from how she is.  I didn’t want a dog with 2 different colored eyes, and that’s what I picked.  (By the way, I did want those adorable eyebrows!)  I also got a spazzy, hyper, high maintenance diva of a puppy that loves to cuddle, loves all people and all dogs, loves adventure, and constantly makes me laugh.  She’s perfectly imperfect, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re so lucky when life delivers us something that is even better than what we imagined.



13 thoughts on “Introducing… Nolabees!

  1. THAT IS ONE UGLY GERBIL! Seriously though…great post and congrats. I had to put my sidekick lab of 17 years down last year. didn’t even want to consider another pup as nothing could replace Bailey….however my 5 year old son really wanted a dog… so we got a new Lab…Jasper…at first I wasn’t thrilled, but after a year , I wouldn’t trade his clumsy, knocking things over as he is barreling thru the room for anything. I guess a lesson to be learned is you may not get the exact same thing you had….but new can be really good and fun.
    plus… Jasper doesn’t talk back to me or get on me for leaving the toilet seat up! 🙂

    1. Ha! Thanks, RIck! Wow, 17 years. That is so great that your pup had such a long life. So sorry you lost him, but congrats on Jasper! We loved it the moment we got Nola because she brought such life and energy into our home. I totally agree with your life lesson. Sometimes it’s hard because Ruby was not really a dog. SHe was an angel, and we have our hands full. But it’s so much fun to have a dog that loves to cuddle more than Ruby ever did. I think the key is to laugh about it– except when she clocks you in the eye with her hard skull like Nola did to me yesterday. 😉

      About this talking back thing… a while back I saw a joke on FB… See who loves you more. Lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car. When you come back an hour later, which one is happy to see you?!

  2. Ruby is a tough act to follow — kind of a legend, in fact. Still, Miss Nola is a precious bundle of furry adorableness with a sweet, sweet, sweet personality. She’s already forging her own path to doggie perfection.

    1. She was legendary. Never met a dog like her. But you’re right! Nola is so full of personality. Someone told me I would hate her until she’s 2, but after that, she will be the best dog in the world! Not sure if you ever knew this, but Ruby loved people but hated to cuddle. We were hoping for a more affectionate dog this time around, and we got that! She jumps on the bed over Nick’s head, uninvited of course, at 4:15 in the morning and settles in, ready to cuddle…

  3. Haha dogs and cats, they become our family. Skye jumps on me and miaows in my face at 5.30 every morning, gets her strokey rations then takes up half the bed snoring while I’m left wide awake! Nola is so cute, glad you are enjoying her so much.

    1. Isn’t it crazy that we will sacrifice our comfort because we love having them near us, so we don’t want to make them uncomfortable?!? I know Skye runs your household just like Nola runs mine. 😉

  4. We have a GSD too!!! Only ours is unruly and weighs 110 pounds. Like, for real. And he hates everybody but us and loves to eat cats. All in all, he’s great though. He responds perfectly to many commands, and loves his family, but for whatever reason, it’s a lot of work to introduce him to new people… and cats. I did hear one person say that they think it could be his insecurity over extreme hip dysplasia. Like, he makes up for that by being curmudgeonly. Dunno, but he’s the only GSD that I’ve seen grow that big or that grumpy. Lol. Anyway, cool dog you have there.

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