Making My First Sale

After I decided to take another scary leap out of my comfort zone, I then had to figure out how to get started.  I had no idea how to do network marketing, and because of previous experiences, I was really insecure about it.  I had never done anything like this before.  I secretly felt really excited about this new challenge, but at the same time, I was torn.  I had a lot of old feelings and negativity to undo.  I was so uncomfortable with the fact that I was starting a relationship marketing business, that I’m not sure I approached it the best way at first.  I needed to ease myself into this.  While I may not have done it right, at least I did something.  I shared my message in a way that allowed me to feel comfortable, and it was the best I could do at the time.

Where to begin?

I was flooded with a barrage of mixed emotions. I had no idea in hell what I was doing.  I wondered… how do I talk to people?  How can I share this without turning people away, scaring them off, and making myself unwelcome?  Will I annoy my friends?  What if I get rejected?  I hate being rejected.  And on the other hand… what if I can help people change their lives?  I know this product is great, and all I need to do is share that.  I made lists of people in my head who I thought this would be perfect for; people who seriously wanted change but were scared or unable to make a big move all at once.  The trick was finding out if these people on my list felt the same way about the plans I had for them.

I didn’t even share it with many of my good friends.  I didn’t know how, and I was afraid of being judged.

Like I said, I think I took the wrong approach at first.  I didn’t even tell the first few people I approached that I had already signed up.  I just couldn’t.  (Although technically, I started sharing it a few days before I signed up.)  I was too worried about what they’d think of me.  Instead, I said, “I’m thinking about doing this business.  Could you take a look at this and tell me what you think?”  And then I’d go on and on about how I wasn’t sure about it and uncomfortable with the business model, but that I loved the product so much… blah, blah, blah.  I may have been pretty pathetic, but at least I did something.  And I was surprised to receive some very positive feedback!  I needed that.  Otherwise, who knows what I would have done.

Scattered in with some uncomfortable moments, I did have a few that weren’t so pathetic.  A few times, I effortlessly expressed excitement about the possibilities.  Somehow, what I was doing worked.  My first teammate joined me right away, and I even got a few customers!  It seemed like things were going pretty well at first.

I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did know that what I lacked in confidence was balanced out with a willingness to accept a challenge, a lot of hope, a desire to learn and grow, and the drive to never give up. 


18 thoughts on “Making My First Sale

  1. Congratulations! See…that wasn’t so bad? It’s not like you were pulling teeth, right!? LOL. Sorry, I just had to use that knowing your previous life as a DMD….:-)

  2. Hah! That’s because showing someone the results of this expenditure is waaaay more satisfying than showing off a new crown. 🙂

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