How My New Business Found Me

The last thing I ever expected in my life was a phone call from my sister asking me to look into her new business and try her product.  Like I’ve mentioned in the past, she and I were always very skeptical about the network marketing business model.  We’d never seen anyone succeed at it before.  We had only seen people waste their money month after month.

But when she called me, she explained that her friend she had known for years had just started with this company and was indeed having real success.  This changed my sister’s perception of MLM’s (or at least this one.)  She had personally witnessed a true example of success, and it proved to her that it was possible.  It didn’t matter for me though.  I didn’t know her friend, and I was still very resistant.  Without hearing any more about it, I said NO!

I didn’t need this product, and I wanted nothing to do with it. 

Some time went by, and as sisters naturally do, we talked a lot.  While most people avoid asking how your MLM business is going, I am not afraid to do that.  I wanted to know how it was going for her.  Although I didn’t want to do the business myself, I sincerely wanted her to have success.  I wanted her to prove that it could be done.  She was steadily making more and more headway, earning bonuses for the quick starters and making money.  And then she asked me again, “will you please just try the product?  Try it once, and then if you don’t like it, you never have to use it again.  And you can even get your money back.”

We don’t ask favors in my family.  We don’t ask each other to do uncomfortable things for one another.  We just don’t, so I figured it was pretty important to her.  Even though I always ran from these types of companies, I said yes.  I became a customer and tried it for myself. 

It actually worked out okay because I was secretly starting to get curious, wondering what was so great about this product and this company.

When I got the product, I followed all the rules.  One week went by, and although others noticed their own results in that time I wasn’t really sure about it.  I knew it was nice, and it changed some things, but I couldn’t tell if it was doing all that it promised.  I was curious, though, so I kept going.  After 1 month, I thought I was starting to see the expected results, but I wasn’t entirely sure.  Then 3 months went by, and that’s when I became convinced.

I was able to see substantial results. 

Then I started thinking… this is working, my sister loves it and is starting to see success, her friend is starting to have even more success… wouldn’t this be a neat experiment at this stage in my career-change journey?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if I could make this work?  What do I have to lose?  I hear from dentists all the time about how they want to get out of dentistry but they feel stuck and do little to change.  Why don’t I strive to be an example for taking small risks to create change?  Surely someone could be inspired by this, or maybe this could even be a way out for someone.

Intermingled with the hopeful feelings were doubtful feelings… I can’t do this.  No one ever makes money doing these things.  How will I make this work?  What will people think of me?

But in the end, I had to stop thinking and just do it. 

Too much thinking paralyzes me.  I had thought about this for months.  I had almost nothing to lose compared to what I could stand to gain.  I realized that if I just chose to get out there and do it, then my odds of success were better than if I did nothing.  And besides, what’s the worst thing that could happen if I fail?  Absolutely nothing.  If I do, then at least I can file it under “Life’s Lessons.”


21 thoughts on “How My New Business Found Me

  1. Thanks for this post, I identified with it as I, too, have had a closed mind up to fairly recently. Finally, I thought to myself, “If I don’t at least look into an opportunity that comes my way, I’m resigning myself to keep doing what I’m doing.” If nothing changes, nothing changes! Thanks for your honest! Ron

    1. Thanks, Ron! It’s funny how we think we are being open-minded, but we really aren’t. I can’t blame anyone for that, though, because we base our opinions on past experiences and what we know to be true. I guess sometimes we just have to take a leap of faith!

    1. I spent months thinking about how I was going to write about this because it all fits into my blog theme so organically. I researched a lot of other blogs that write about different businesses and especially MLMs, and I felt like they all sounded the same. They all seemed to be very one-sided and were obviously trying to sell a product or an opportunity. I felt that I wanted my blogging process to be REAL and more about my experience than about trying to get others on board. And I wanted to do that without changing the integrity of my blog. It seemed like the best way to do that was to keep the company and product a secret. So… I won’t be discussing it here, but I will email you privately to let you know the name of it. 😉

    1. Hey L! Great to hear from you. You won’t believe this, but I was thinking about you yesterday too. I was actually thinking about some copyright stuff. 😉 I would love to share with you. See my reply above to Ingrid…

      That photo was taken in Tulum. 🙂 Thanks!

      1. ah, we truly are connected!
        i also understand why you sidestep around the topic of your new line of work. you have the sensitivity of an artist – not wanting to taint your site with the tone of hard-core marketing!!!

        thanks for your feedback about the copyright/trademark comment. sigh; the lady has surely been burned in the past, but i was not prepared for the tone of her comment. whew!

        1. It shocked me too. I was getting defensive for you in my head while I was reading it. I still try to be super sweet about it when I confront someone. Like I’ve said before, I think most people don’t know they’re doing anything wrong.

  2. Hi L!

    I have loved your blog — because I SOOOOOoooo relate to it. I relate to your predicament about not loving–absolutely, deeply loving–dentistry. I realized it 18 years ago, so I got an MPH. Didn’t find any instantaneous way to use it, so I joined the military. Long story short, and 16 years later, I will retire in 4 years (yep, I stuck it out) and will look at all my Plan B’s to augment that retirement paycheck when all is said and done. Yes, the MLM option is one of my Plan B’s. Out of curiosity, which one are you dabbling in? I would love to know! Send me a message . . .

    Take care!

    1. Thanks so much Lori. I love getting to know other like-minded people who can relate to what we go through. You stuck it out, but luckily, it looks like you still have time! I’ll reach out. 🙂

  3. Life changes can be challenging. Recently, I have decided to change careers. After being in the legal industry for 17 years, I have decided to become a medical/mental health professional. The change is challenging and exciting but I am going to make it.

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