7 Tips for the Germaphobic Traveler

Most people are shocked to find out that as a dentist I’m a total germaphobe.  They often ask, “how can you be in people’s mouths all day long if you hate germs?”  Hmm, good point!  Well, I’m not a dentist anymore, but if I were, remember that our whole existence as dentists is to fight germs.  So actually, it may not be much of a stretch philosophically.  When I did practice, I did all sorts of quirky things to avoid the little buggers.  It only seemed fitting that I tackle the subject in my guest post for Amber at With Husband in Tow.  After all, though I’m not proud to admit it, I am very skilled at it.

7 Tips for the Germaphobic Traveler

If there is one thing I am pretty neurotic about, it is germs.  Yes, I am a germaphobe.  I actually picked up the phobia while living abroad in Spain several years back.  I rode the metro everyday and got to see all types come on and off the train.  After a while I started to notice one thing about them all.  They all held onto those shiny center poles for balance.  As I stood there holding on myself, I noticed dirty fingernails, coughing and sneezing, teeth picking, and nose and eye wiping.  From that moment on, it was done.  I couldn’t get over those images, and I became a germaphobe.DSCN1719

Do I let that stop me from traveling?  Hell no! Read more here…


10 thoughts on “7 Tips for the Germaphobic Traveler

  1. its true, rarely something you think about when you recall your adventures but how many times does someone get sick while traveling. We pack everything in the medicine cabinent now so we will have it if we need it ( we can be germ-a-phob too) Doesn’t tequila kill most of the grms though?

    1. That’s why Mexico is the best– you can get anything in a pharmacy. No wait. I mean, it’s the best because tequila does kill germs! That’s the only reason I drink it.

  2. Ooh, I do like the wipes idea for the plane. Actually, these days I’m surprised the airlines don’t hand them out to all the passengers so we can clean the plane as we fly. I remember a flight attendant instructing a cabin full of passengers to clean up around our seats and the seat pockets, even stuff that wasn’t ours, because the plane’s turnaround time was going to be too short for the cleaning crew to get the job done! 😀

    1. The wipes are the best. I am usually a bit embarrassed about it so try to do it secretly. I would die if I had to touch someone else’s trash on a plane. I know. I have problems. 😉

  3. That’s a major reason I prefer traveling in an RV. It’s my bed (mattress purchased new), my linens, my cooking items, etc. Some people are just gross and as a former Flight Attendant, I saw more than my share.

    1. Oh man, so true. And you don’t have to worry about bed bugs. We have a routine we do every time we get back from a hotel, so we don’t risk getting them in our house. It’s such a pain, but probably worth it.

      I bet you have some good airplane stories. When flight attendants see us using our wipes, they often comment on how smart that is and suggest places to wipe that we might be missing. 😉

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