What’s on Your Bucket List?

I have a confession… I just entered the Biggest Baddest Bucket List Contest, and I don’t even have a bucket list.


Well, I have never recorded an official bucket list.  Here’s why:

  1. I do what I want when I want; I mean, when I can.  (I’m not that cool.)  In a way, it’s not unlike New Year’s resolutions for me.  Resolutions are really motivational for some people, but they can also put others under a lot of pressure.  When I’m under pressure to do something, I might resist doing it.  This is partly why resolutions just don’t resonate with me.  But more importantly, resolutions don’t resonate with me because I generally live my life the way I want– year-round.  If there is something I want to change, I usually obsess over it until it gets resolved.  It might be slow going, but it gets done.  I could say the same happens with goals on my unwritten bucket list.  If I want to do it, I do it.

    Ziplining in Costa Rica
    Ziplining in Costa Rica
  2. I’m a bit of a control freak.  Aw, come on, don’t give me that look.  I know you’re a control freak too.  Being the planner that I am, it’s nice to have a part of my life that isn’t all mapped out.  I often make lists to get things done, but in this case the fun is in realizing the potential of the surprises that might occur.  I mean, years ago I knew I was going to visit Israel, but I never thought I’d be able to experience camping out on the top of Mount Sinai to catch a sunrise.  Or I always thought it would be cool to have more than one career, but I never understood the feasibility of it or the journey that my career change would hold for me.  And when I started blogging, the thought of having a photo published in National Geographic Traveler magazine was incomprehensible.  I never would have been able to dream up many of the experiences that have come my way.

    Fish tacos in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
    Fish tacos in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  3. Which leads me to my Reverse Bucket List. What’s that, you ask?  Well, it’s the list I make after I’ve accomplished something that is bucket list-worthy.  This isn’t a formally written list either, but I take the time to celebrate my achievement and mentally check it off my unofficial bucket list.  It’s very rewarding!  It fosters an attitude of gratitude that I might otherwise take for granted.  As I’ve pointed out in the past, this attitude of gratitude has a way of snowballing.
    Rappelling in Israel
    Rappelling in Israel

    I’ve always viewed bucket list items as the most far-fetched, outrageous things one could possibly do, so I figure… why limit myself to only those things I can imagine?  Plus, my reverse bucket list allows me to celebrate the things I would never conjure up in this life.  Though you’ll probably never catch me making and breaking any New Year’s Resolutions, it’s time to start writing the bucket list down.  I’m ready, but I have one condition.  I’ll have to keep it very vague because my imagination can’t compete with the wonderful surprises this world has to offer.

    La Alhambra, Grenada, Spain
    La Alhambra, Grenada, Spain

    So tell me, what is on your bucket list?

Music used in video in order of appearance: Barry Manilow.  Yep, that’s right.  I said Barry Manilow.  Jason Mraz.  One Republic.  Beck.


31 thoughts on “What’s on Your Bucket List?

  1. I really agree with your first statement. Sounds like a good idea to make a reverse bucket list so instead if getting frustrated about the things you haven’t done you can be happy about what you have done and enjoy watching the list grow:)

    1. Right! We spend enough time planning for the future, but how often do we take a moment to celebrate the things that we are doing? And that too– no reason to feel disappointed by what we can’t accomplish. 😉

  2. I love the gratitude element. I like to think that I do the same yet my own list has to be in the minds of others that can laugh about what I’ve done. My atrocious memory means I forget 🙂 Though my imagination can achieve far more and I’m hoping that it may show me the way to some of the serendipitous offerings of our world. See you in London 🙂

    1. I sometimes need to be reminded to be grateful, so the more I remind myself, the more I feel it. Now you just have to make your imagination come to fruition. Hope you are right about London!

      1. I hope that I am right too as making my imagination come to fruition is a whole life time in the making /-) So London seems like a ‘fait complet’ /-)

  3. Wow, what a fun post. You’ve really had some exciting adventures. I went ziplineing in Maui…one of my all time favs. I’d love to hear more of your travels.

    1. What an amazing event! I love bucket list items that aren’t based around travel. I love travel, but there are so many other things that have to be in place for life to be fulfilling.

      1. I guess I did not realize that the Reverse Bucket List was about travel. Even as a kid I always knew I wanted to be a dad, but never knew how powerful it would be. I also always wanted to visit Mont Ste. Michelle in France (which I finally did a couple of years ago) and it was incredible, but certainly paled in comparison.

        1. I don’t think that any bucket list; forward or reverse, is or needs to be about travel. I do not believe that Lolabees is implying that it needs to be but anyway, the drunken cyclist, your achievement is top of my own unwritten life’s desires (though I wish for daughters). Congratulations to you – and to everybody achieving anything (within reason) that they so wish for.

        2. Nope. You had it right. They are about so much more than travel, but it seems to me that a lot of people highlight crazy travel experiences on their lists. I think that’s great, but there is still so much more that we can appreciate as you have pointed out.

          JJ- exactly!

    2. I just sat and thought what was the best moment(s) in my life. A bunch of memories rushed in, but holding my children pushed everything else out. Holding them, I knew that my place on tis planet was to be a father. Sappy? Perhaps.

  4. I like your idea of reverse bucket list. I don’t need another list hanging over my head of something to do. We have our ideas of what we want to do or accomplish and if they stay important to us they will get done. I think that is an incredible shot of you hanging from the top of a mountain. That is so much cooler than something ‘I want to do in the future’. Plus you survived that climb. Again, I would rather hear a conversation about that, or other’s great experiences, that what one wants to do in the future. Like us with you next time?

    1. I’m with you. Having vague ideas if what I want to do takes the pressure off. I never want to feel like I HAVE to do something. I like that… If they stay important to us they will get done. So true!! Thanks- I never would have put rappelling on my bucket list, but it ended up on the reverse list and it was a very cool experience.

    1. It was very cool, and something that I never would have planned! I love that shot too. I hope you’ll share some of your reverse bucket list items with me.

  5. Lol, that theme. Have you no shame!?

    I watched this some time ago, but was compelled to comment because, having only clicked “like”, I felt a twinge of lazy guilt.

    How did you do with this video? Are the results in yet? Never matter, you seemed to have fun regardless.
    Well, good chatting. Having a good spring I hope?

    1. No shame, dink. None at all. Actually, I knew I didn’t have the skills to make an awesome video like the ones they usually look for in these competitions, so I thought I’d go completely bizarro on it. Thanks for commenting, even if it was out of guilt. You def would have heard about it if I had won. 😉 Spring is good. You? Planning some fun travels. Hey, thanks, good talk.

      1. Hey now. I thought the video was awesome. I was all smiles all the way through it.
        You know, I really think you are quite good at this travel host thing.

        Yes, good talk. My spring is good. Way too busy. All over the bloody place, but I love it in some strange way.

        1. Thanks a bunch. Seriously, that’s so nice to hear. I thought it was funny, but sometimes my humor is a little too obscure for the masses. As far as the contest goes, I think I’ve learned that they really only pick the already established pros to win these contests. Understandably so. The cool news is they offered me a chance to franchise with them, an opp that they only gave to entrants whose submissions stood out to them. That was pretty awesome, even though I can’t commit the time to that right now. Glad to hear from you and that you are well.

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