Keeping the Dream Alive

Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a travel contest sponsored by called Biggest Baddest Bucket List?  I guess none of you ever get the Sunday Night Blues because as far as I know, you still have not entered!  The grand prize is a 6-month trip around the world with a $50,000 bonus awarded to you when you return home.  Ten finalists will be chosen to spend a week interviewing in London– 5 with the most votes and 5 chosen by the judging panel.

Vote for me

Of course I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

The first travel contest I entered a few years back changed my life.  I didn’t come close to winning “the prize,” but I did win big.  That contest was the catalyst for change in my life.  I was stuck, trapped in a career that created much anguish for me.  After years of wanting an escape and excuse after excuse to stay put, I knew I had to do something.


Instead of continuing to focus on what I didn’t want, I had to strive for what I did want, no matter how absurd it seemed.  Never in a million years did I think I was even capable of making a video.  The idea of exposing myself to the world was so intimidating that just the process of making the video felt like a huge “risk” for me.  It revitalized a creativity I hadn’t tapped into in years; taught me that it was great to push past my comfort zone; inspired me to start my blog; and most importantly allowed an energy of movement to enter my life, dissolving the stagnation that festered for so long.

Mission accomplished.  My life finally started to shift.

Luckily I don’t get the Sunday night blues anymore, but here I am entering another contest.  This time, I’m doing it for fun.  Sure, it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to win, but for me the prize is the process itself.  The prize is in keeping the creative juices flowing and having fun knowing that this or who-knows-what-else could be a part of my future too.  You never know how one door will open another.

So go watch it, will ya?  (You really have no excuse as there are only 5 links to the video on this page.  Wink wink.)  Please?  If you’ve ever seen The Bachelor (whether you love or hate it,) I think you’re going to like this.  Please vote for me by clicking on any of the social media site buttons to the right of the video to share it.  You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and each share gets me 1 vote.

Help me keep this spirit alive of being open to the endless possibilities life has to offer.

Vote for me

Oh, and after you’ve voted for me, go vote for a fellow blogger, Lesley.  I learned about the contest from her, and since she already has a lot of votes, she needs more to maintain her very real chance at winning.


23 thoughts on “Keeping the Dream Alive

        1. Yeah, sorry I probably should have posted this question on your page, but I was here replying when I thought of it. Story of my life too! 🙂

      1. I checked out your friends video too and blimey she has 25000 odd votes!! How can that happen, even if everyone she knew had 5 votes that’s still 5000 people voting , she must be ever so popular! 🙂

        1. I know! She has a huge following and must be a lot more persuasive than I am! 😉 She also entered the contest a while back. I waited until the last minute because I didn’t want to feel pressured to pimp for votes every day.

  1. I voted. Man, you’re full of light & delight 🙂 GOOD LUCK. I really can’t see why you shouldn’t win.

      1. No worries, Rick. I appreciate the support! I entered late enough that I knew I’d never get enough votes to win, so it’s cool anyway. I guess I have to rely on the hopes that the judges get the spoofy, sarcastic nature of my video. I think they have The Bachelor in other countries, but I just don’t know how pop-culture-y it is anywhere else. Either way, it was fun. 😀

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