What My Dreams Are Made of: Crashing Planes and Dirty Toilets

Have you ever had that dream where you see a plane crash?  Or you’re sitting on a toilet peeing, only to wake in a panic, hoping you didn’t wet your bed?  If so, don’t freak out!  It doesn’t mean you need to cancel your trip to Mexico next month or that you need to start wearing Depends to bed.  Believe it or not, dreams might be your body’s way of trying to get your attention.  Throughout my career transition, I learned to use my dreams as tools, and it became extremely effective (and fascinating, I might add.)

This was my intuition screaming at me, begging me to listen.

Captain Obvious

My dreams helped me to realize a crucial element in successfully making a career change: actually knowing I wanted to make the change.  If you’re a blockhead like me, coming to that conclusion can be the biggest obstacle sabotaging your transformation.  Though I knew I wanted out, I continued to second guess myself year after year.  That’s no surprise considering I struggle making some of the simplest decisions.  Here’s a glimpse into how my brain works:

Imagine the hubs and I are going out for a walk.

Me: Do you think I should get a jacket?  Yeah… it’s a little windy out.  Uhh… maybe I don’t need a jacket.  But is it sunny out?  I’ll probably be cold for a few minutes and then get hot, right?  Okay, maybe I won’t bring a jacket.

Yes, folks, that is how I operate, except usually I’m the only one who hears that nonsense.  I ask a question, and before I even hear an answer, I’ve spewed out an entirely indecisive conversation with myself.  The hubs then shakes his head in amazement, wondering how I get through life.

If I have trouble with the small things, imagine how hard it is for me to make a huge life decision?

So as you can see, I need all the help I can get.  My intuition knows this and assists me with these recurring dreams.  Weird, right?  These dreams are vivid enough to get your attention once, and when you start to experience the same themes over and over, you really start to pause.  For me it was a plane crash (if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will.)  The crash always happened the same way: I’m not in the plane but on the ground.  The plane swerves and swoops, making huge loops and turns, almost crashing into me.  Then it regains control, flying back in to the sky, only to crash in the distance.

There’s also the dream in which I’m climbing a steep hill, mountain, or even a tower.  It’s fine going up, but once at the top, I can’t get down.  I stand at the edge of this tower or cliff, knowing I have to descend, but I am paralyzed with fear.

Ignore the cheesy model pose. He’s supposed to be scared. And no, sadly he was not in my dream.

Surely you can understand my curiosity here, and a quick search on Dream Moods revealed some interesting stuff.

I could fill pages of overlapping but slightly varying themes that each of the symbols in my dreams represent, but I’ll sum it up for you with this list:

  • pondering a life-altering decision/a major change in your life or a transitional phase
  • a positive transformation
  • overly high and unrealistic goals/high hopes and aspirations
  • have overcome a great struggle, and goals are finally within reach
  • a lack of confidence, self-defeating attitude and self-doubt
  • an increased level of understanding, new awareness, a fresh point of view, a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual truth

A-ha!  Somewhere in this tiny little brain of mine I do have all the answers! 

In case you didn’t know, these interpretations could not have been more accurate.  The craziest part of this whole saga is that once I started recognizing and honoring these feelings in my “waking life,” my dreams started evolving.  Suddenly I was on the plane.  It was a wild ride, and I was overcome with fear, sure that we were going to crash.  But the plane stopped crashing, and it hasn’t crashed since.  Concurrently, I began to climb back down the mountain.  My interpretation: I was no longer paralyzed with fear and insecurity but was ready to take action.

And then came the change I needed!

 If you’re actually paying attention to what I’ve written, you’re probably wondering about this dirty toilet business.  That is yet to come.  But until then, I’m curious to know…

Have you ever had recurring dreams?  If so, what strange things happen in your dreams?  If not, how does your intuition speak to you?


Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


14 thoughts on “What My Dreams Are Made of: Crashing Planes and Dirty Toilets

  1. I’ve had a recurring theme in my dreams. In my dream, I’m in need of a restroom and once I enter, I can’t find a stall that I like. Sometimes there are no stalls, just rows of toilets, or else the stalls don’t have doors or they’re in view of the door. The location and layout of the bathrooms are always different, there’s always a lot of toilets/stalls in a big room, and I’m always alone in there. I don’t recall there being a problem with dirty toilets, though. 😉 Sometimes in real life, I’ll enter a public bathroom and think this could be a bathroom from my dreams! I never did figure out what these dreams could be trying to tell me and I haven’t had one in quite a while (I’ll probably have one tonight, now!). I’m sure they are conncted to our subconcious, trying to tell us something. Very interesting!

    1. Kristen- that’s pretty crazy. My next post will be about my bathroom dreams. Apparently it is a form a self-expression. So if you can’t find a bathroom it means that you have feelings you want to express but are worried of being judged by others if you express them. It’d be interesting to look back to when you were having this dream and see if it correlates. Funny about the waking/dreaming bathroom confusion– I think about it all the time. Good to see I’m not the only one!

  2. My re-occuring nightmare involves being at a phone (mostly a pay phone) but it’s always rotery dial and I have to diall 911 b/c it’s an emergency – and I can’t dial the phone properly. Typically I can’t get all the way around the rotary part. I try & try and become more and more anxious and stressed as time elapses and then I’m just completely desperate to get the phone dialed – but alas, I cannot.

  3. There are two that I’ve had. In one of them, I’m crossing a bridge, and water begins pouring in over the sides. Either the bridge is sinking, or the water is rising, but I must run to the end. There are others with me, and I slow my pace, falling back to help. It never fails that the last ten feet of the bridge are inexplicably missing. For whatever reason I’m always surprised by this. We must jump to the bank.
    In the second dream, I climb a tall cliff. From a ledge near the top, I must jump to the porch of an old cabin that somehow extends from the ground below. The jump is successful, but the cabin begins to rock and sway. It tumbles beneath me just as I jump to safety.

    These dreams have haunted me since I was very young; perhaps twelve or thirteen.
    I once told an old lady about them. She, in turn, called a friend of hers who was a professing witch. The witch wanted to speak with me on the phone. It got weird.
    I also dream of the number 11:11 almost every night.

    I’m not strange though. In fact, I believe that I’m almost strikingly normal.

    1. So glad to hear I’m not the only one. It sounds like you have some really common symbols. You should go to http://www.dreammoods.com and search bridge, water, cliff, climbing, cabin, the number 11, and I bet you’ll be able to put something together that makes a lot of sense. I found it interesting that 11 means this:
      Eleven stands for intuition, mastery in a particular domain, spirituality, enlightenment, and capacity to achieve. It is symbolic of your creativity and your vision. Since the number 11 is represented by two parallel lines, then it may represent two individuals or a partnership. If you turn the 11 on its side, then it symbolizes the equal sign. Perhaps you are looking for some balance and equality.

      From what I know of you, that seems right on.

      I’m quite normal too… really, I am.

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