Evil Crazy Bitch, DDS

I know, I know… my last post was pretty self-indulgent.  I mean, most people can’t relate to such specific tales of bosses being hypocrites that have strict payment policies when they don’t have the courtesy to pay their own bills.  Or bosses who manipulate and lie to their staff in order to control them.  Or bosses that are too stupid to recognize that you are there to help their business, not compete with them.

As an associate my role in the dental office was always unique.  I was sort of a boss and sort of not.  So when it was convenient to understand the boss’s point of view, I could; and when I wanted to empathize with the employees, well, I could do that too.  It was convenient in ways, and challenging in others.

I must admit that one time in the past year I thought about returning to dentistry.  I would only do it on one condition though.  I would consider taking a step in that direction if I not only get to be the boss, but more importantly if I get to be this boss:

Introducing Evil Crazy Bitch, DDS, my hero.


12 thoughts on “Evil Crazy Bitch, DDS

    1. Ha! I’m sure I opened up a can of worms here. I loved the opening scene here where he talks about being a dentist and then it turns out he’s the assistant. There are some funny subtle dental jokes that the non-dental geek might not get that make that opening scene just brilliant. The idea of her f’ing with him so much just cracks me up. BTW– you probably know male assistants are not the norm in this field… which makes it even better. I used to joke that if I owned my own practice all of my assistants and hygienists would be ripped dudes that had to wear mesh scrub tops as part their uniforms.

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