Take This Quiz: Is Your Boss Right For You?

Remember those quizzes from Seventeen magazine?

Seventeen (magazine)
Seventeen (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While my values and morals were taking shape during my teenage years, these quizzes helped guide me to make important life decisions.  When my high school crush started dating my best friend, I still wondered: Is He More Than Just a Friend? (I needed to be sure he didn’t like me.)  When word got out that my friend’s parents were out of town for the weekend, I needed to be prepared and know: What’s Your Party Personality?  (Just took this, and I happen to be the Perfect Party Personality!!!!)  When I needed to feel special, it always helped to find out: Who Would Play You in a Movie?  (These days it’s Julianne Hough, by the way, and I totally see that!)  So here I am, shaped and molded by those life-changing quizzes.  Now it’s time for me to pay it forward and help you.  If you are looking for answers about your job or career, take my quiz.  This could be life changing.  Seriously.

Is Your Boss Right For You?

1) Your boss is unhappy with an employee.  He wants to fire her, so he:

  • a) fires her.  He hired her, so he should be the one to break the news.
  • b) makes someone else fire her.   He has an image to protect and doesn’t want to look like the bad guy.
  • c) secretly tells you that he wants to fire her.  Instead of letting her go, he plots to have his office manager give her a terrible review, so she will want to quit.  After she quits by politely saying it’s because she needs health insurance, he holds a “team” meeting expressing how sad he is that she left.  Knowing the “team” has no control and knowing you’ll all say no, he then asks you if you should try to get her back and offer her health insurance.

2) One of your co-workers comes and goes as she pleases, never answers the phones during business hours, takes several days off per week, and doesn’t do her job.  As a result, the business is suffering.  He:

  • a) discusses these issues with her and holds her accountable for her responsibilities.
  • b) fires her on the spot.
  • c) pretends he will confront the situation, but never speaks to the employee in question.  After all, the boss’s daughter doesn’t really need to work and is entitled to milk her daddy dry until her retirement.

3) Your boss hires you with intentions that he will sell the business to you in the future.  He also is desperate to get help with his workload because things at the office are being neglected while he is unfortunately overwhelmed with private personal problems.  He:

  • a) welcomes you with open arms.  You are the future of his beloved business.
  • b) is happy about your partnership, but is too busy to spend a lot of time with you.
  • c) pretends to welcome you with open arms, but deliberately avoids sending letters out to all of his patients introducing them to his new associate (that would be you.)  He keeps your presence a secret from his patients so that 4 years later many don’t even know you exist.  He does nothing to encourage his staff to support you.  He also competes with you, designating that all new patients you treat are owned by him.  This way, you can build his business that you will eventually buy.

4) A patient walks in because he broke a tooth and needs a crown.  Your boss’s schedule is already double-booked.  She:

  • a) refers this patient to you because your schedule is wide open that morning.  You are part of her team, so if you are working, she knows everyone is doing well.
  • b) asks you to do an exam and has the patient come back to do the crown with her.
  • c) triple-books herself, making all the patients wait for over an hour, only to realize she can’t handle the load.  She then asks you if you’ll see the patient with the broken tooth at 4:45, just as you are about to head out the door after sitting around for 3 hours.

5) Your hygienist has finished cleaning the patient’s teeth and needs an exam from the doctor.  He:

  • a) is in the middle of a procedure and will get to the hygienist and the patient as soon as he can.
  • b) is talking to you.  He interrupts your conversation to go check the patient right away.  He knows how helpful it is to keep the hygienist on time, and he wants to be considerate of the patient’s time.
  • c) is talking to at you.  He’s so busy vomiting out that same story he’s told you 37 times that he can’t break his eye contact with you to even acknowledge the hygienist standing there waiting.  After a while, you lose track of the story because the chatter is so incessant and the details are so insignificant.  You start imagining his head exploding instead of listening to the annoying details of this story again.  You have to sit there, nod your head in agreement, and smile because he’s your boss.  Fifteen minutes later he makes it to the exam because nobody’s time is as important as his.

6) It’s that time of the month again… time to pay bills!  She:

  • a) pays all her bills on time.  She wouldn’t dream of being delinquent.
  • b) pays most bills on time, but every once in a while is a few days late on a bill because it got lost in the shuffle.
  • c) is late with all bills.  She owes money to all of her vendors.  She gets collection calls at the office that the receptionist has to waste her time dealing with.  But all of her patients MUST pay at the time of service.

7) You are privately discussing office matters.  Some of the other business partners come up in the conversation.  He:

  • a) speaks very highly of them.  They all respect each other.
  • b) doesn’t say much.
  • c) bad-mouths their clinical skills, business skills, and dedication to dentistry telling you that you are much more talented than they are.

Quiz Results:

If you choose mostly a’s: your boss rocks!  You should be ashamed for questioning his/her leadership skills.  Get back to work, and quit your bitchin’.

If you chose mostly b’s: your boss is generally a decent human being.  He/she has good intentions but sometimes doesn’t make the best choices.  After all, you’re not perfect either.  Hang in there.

If you chose mostly c’s: your boss is a giant Douche with a capital D.  He’s manipulative.  Be careful, he’s probably manipulating you along with everyone else in his life.  He’s a coward, a terrible listener, and flat-out full of it.  Run.  Get out of there as fast as you can, and don’t waste any more time waiting for things to change.


11 thoughts on “Take This Quiz: Is Your Boss Right For You?

  1. You mean I should NOT bad mouth other’s work skills in front of co-workers? I’ve had it backwards all these years!

    Hmmm? Who else could we talk about? Can you tell me the name of this dentist? I am sure I don’t want to go there…

  2. Well, It says I should be played by Jennifer Lawrence. I can totally see that.
    I’m a mobile party machine, whom no self respecting partier would leave home without (I partied with Paris, just so you know. Usher and friggin, Orlando Bloom just aren’t my style. It’s probably all that musk).

    I thought that you might like to know that you do a good job of venting without sounding whiny. I mean, you’ve even come across a little upbeat with these rants.
    I meant that as a compliment. I’m might just be bad at compliments.

    1. O! M! G! I totes see Jennifer Lawrence as you. That’s perf!

      I do like to know that, so thanks a bunch, and I take that as a huge compliment. (No grammar comments please on my run-on sentence.) I often think about that when I’m writing a post because I find whiny complaining posts to be a waste of time. I do sometimes worry that mine come off that way, but, oh well. Would you mind telling my hubs that I do a good job of venting without sounding whiny? 😉

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