Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

 Several months ago, one of my blogging buddies asked me to write a guest post for her blog, Bizzytoothmommy.  Since I love her blog so much, I immediately said yes.  Then guess what I proceeded to do?

Absolutely nothing!

Yep, that’s right.  I can be a huge procrastinator, especially when under pressure to deliver.  I was frozen, but after a little prodding from her, and a little brainstorming, I finally pulled the trigger.  So pop on over to her blog and read my post, will ya?  And while you’re there, check her stuff out too.  She sure does have a knack for writing.  She can take any topic (even the dental ones) and make it relatable.

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Have your patients ever asked you this during a dental appointment:

Why did you decide to be a dentist?

I know that I’ve gotten this question from patients more times than I can remember.  I often sensed they asked it out of sheer curiosity, unsure about how anyone could do this job.  Other times, I thought they were fascinated by a woman taking on this type of career.

Regardless of their intentions, every time I faced that question a snarky little voice started talking in my head.  “I don’t know!” the voice would cry out in a sarcastic tone, questioning that very thing myself.  Occasionally I jokingly blurted it out, and the patient and I would have a good laugh together.  Continue reading…


8 thoughts on “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

  1. Someone ask me the other day why I was pursuing Social Work and was I getting out of the Dental field all together. I wanted to say I never really was in the Dental Field because its so clickle that I only temp although I temp for the same DR’s now when I first started temping I did not like the 60 percent of offices I have temped at The staff was social awkward and treated you like a outsider even though your saving there asses. But I digress. If I really want to be mean I look at them and say well think about it. Think about all the things adult/people put in there mouth and my face and hands are in there digging it out..Of course they blush because in adults we all know what that could be lol lol ..Sometimes that shuts them up. Sometimes it does not. lol I then tell them I only clean kids teeth now because lets face it there funnier and actually care what you have to say…
    I think cleaning adults did it for me when this dude insisted I clean his piercing under his tongue because it was coated in calculus so bad that you could not see any silver. I about puked!!.. I might like Hygiene more if I could call the shots more and not be treated like I am moving cattle but that seems to be the new trend. I also find Dr’s like the young perky breasted hygienist that they can boss around because they will put up with abuse as I will not…I’m not hateful about it I just look at them and say i’m not comfortable doing that what else could we do.example I’m not using a cavitron on a 2 year old because you thing its a great idea at you freaking crazy I’m not traumatizing a 2 year old because your power hungry. There have been great offices that I have loved and some of them I still temp to this day but no one is going anywhere in those offices and I can not blame them. I work hard and I always help the assistants as I was one and I feel we are all important in this world…I think what I do as a social worker is way more broad and helpful on many levels plus its not so hard on my back and arms lol .I will never give up my license as I look at hygiene as my money maker to support me as I do this I feel are more important to this world.
    I sure many people struggle in finding there passion but working your passion is such a joy

    1. I always love your descriptions of what it’s been like to treat patients, work with egotistical docs, and unhelpful or entitled team members. It’s a shame that these things can be enough to make someone want to leave a career. I have a suspicion that these things happens across the board in any career– it just has to be worth it enough to work through these things. Sounds like you’ve found a really great balance for yourself, and we’re so lucky that in this field we have the flexibility of part-time work!

  2. I was asked to guest post on a friends blog weeeeeks ago…. and I also did the absolute same thing I suppose. I procrastinated … I froze….
    luckily and eventually after some prompts I manage to write something on his blog 🙂
    and phew I felt relieved and was wondering why didn’t I do it sooner !!!!????

    1. Good, I’m not alone. I don’t have to impress anyone when I write it on my own blog, but when it’s someone else’s, I worry whether it’s good enough. I could never write for a living!

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