Finding Work in Play

In my search for change, the Paradise Hunter contest was THE turning point for me.  When it ended, I felt different, empowered to keep working to move forward.  Having this blog helped me get through the tough days (which was everyday by this point in my career) because I had something else to focus on.  I wasn’t defined by being a dentist.  Blogging provided the missing link for me to feel whole through all of this.  It not only gave me the creative outlet I was craving, but it also gave me a voice.  I had shut that voice down and ignored it for so long, that I could finally start to learn to listen to it– and not worry about others overhearing what I had to say.

While I still struggled at work, overall my energy had shifted tremendously.  I was no longer obsessed with pushing something away from me.  Instead the focus switched to filling my life with stuff I loved.  Sometimes we get a little help, and life brings us what we attract to it.

This shift created the movement I needed.

  I started this blog in November, and in January I participated in a 9-month goal-setting workshop led by my therapist.  I know.  Goal-setting?  Yuck!  I’ve always disliked setting goals, but this approach was different.  It incorporated the idea that we don’t have to force our way into accomplishing our goals.  We can find a way to reach them more effortlessly, with less pressure.  Having that freedom in my approach allowed me to be much more excited about setting a goal and going for it.

Goal keeper in action. (Youth game in Germany)...
I know, he’s trying to stop the goal, but cool photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shortly after the workshop began, I had entered another travel contest.  This time my mentality was very different from my approach to the Paradise Hunter.  I did it for the heck of it, this time without any expectations.  I had a blast doing it, and realized it didn’t have to “get me anywhere.”  As I reflected on entering this contest and my approach to it, I had a sudden epiphany: finding my work didn’t have to be miserable.

I could find my work through play and have fun while doing it.

I mean, it didn’t have to be this serious pursuit.  I could play with unlikely possibilities and choose zany things I liked because it was fun for me.  I was convinced that would continue to open the right doors for new opportunities.

Besides, a little dreaming never hurt anyone.




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