Opening New Doors

It wasn’t as if I made a decision and my life just changed in an instant.  The process to change careers dragged on.  It continued to be a lot of talk and no real action, just as it had been for the past few years.  But it’s not that all that “planning” had no purpose.  It laid the groundwork for me to gain the courage to act.  Then one day, my husband suggested something crazy to me.  In the newspaper he spotted a small blurb about a contest to become a travel show host.  He read it to me and said, “you should do this.”

“What!?!  No way,” I said.  “I can’t make a video of myself.  Plus, I’ll never get it, so what’s the point?  I have no idea how to talk on camera.  I’m not funny or interesting enough.  I’d be way too embarrassed to do that.”

Then Nick posed the crucial question:

“Why not?  What do you have to lose?”

“I guess nothing.  I mean, nothing has changed in my life since I’ve started this process.  My energy does feel stagnant, and I bet this could shift that.  I keep waiting for something to change, but I’m stuck and losing patience.  Maybe the next move is to step out of my comfort zone and do something to let the universe know I’m ready.”

Since I tend to fly by the seat of my pants, right then and there, I decided to…
think about it. 

The next morning I woke up and started browsing on the website.  There were a lot of video submissions already, and they were awful.  The typical video application was someone sitting in front of their laptop in a dark room desperately begging for the position because “it would make me so happy.  Please, please, please!”   I realized I could definitely come up with a short skit that was better than that, so my “I’ll think about it” turned to a maybe.

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to go for it.  Seriously, you would have thought I was deciding whether to have a kid or not.  I didn’t think I stood a chance at winning, but I had to do something different.

Plus, I knew it would open some doors for me; only time would tell what that was exactly.



18 thoughts on “Opening New Doors

    1. I agree, Ingrid. That’s great advice to your daughter. So scary, but in the end so worth it. It’s funny how we fear change, but then when things stay the same for a while, we also long for it.

  1. Amazing how when God leads, fears scatter to the wind and those debilitating attitudes we seem to slumber in, scatter while Christ awareness grows us closer to His light and lead.

    It only takes a challenge, a seed of will, and a baby step.

    Thanks for the great share!!

  2. I see what you said above in another reply and couldn’t help agreeing, “It’s funny how we fear change, but then when things stay the same for a while, we also long for it.” And now I long for change but fear it. 😦 Doesn’t help, does it.

    1. No, but eventually one will outweigh the other. Either the fear or the desire for change will win out and then you’ll have your answer. In my case my desire for change was so great that I had no choice but to eventually overcome the fear. Though I don’t always follow it, I do like Ingrid’s advice: no guts, no glory! 🙂

  3. HA! Several great comments, again. LLB, your blog is always ‘right on target’, and your blog contibutors are super genius.. because they all mirror my thoughts ! .. or enlighten me to ways of ‘looking at things’ i had not thought of.. but make a lot of sense! seriously.. great stuff!
    1. Your “Paradise Hunter’ video is extremely witty and sardonic. I keep hearing it being played at the op workstaions thruout the office today. Our staff.. which appreciates ‘weisenheiming humor’ finds it hilarious.
    (As it being the typical day of hell before a holiday weekend.. patients all wait to the last minute .. and then want to be seen/treated right away)
    …..Todays mantra at the office has been” See you on the lido deck for some bingo and pillaging ” as a joke to just get thru til the end of the day!
    2. It’s always great to have a significant other who not only supports your endevours.. but might actually bring the possibilities to your attention.
    .. I am addicted to the ‘ Cupcake Wars’ show… My wife constantly tells me to apply.. and means it. problem is, i don’t have a Cupcake shop… and my cupcakes taste like crap… but other than that… But the point is, it’s hard enough to go it alone.. and God knows how many people in dentistry (per say) have sig others who DEMAND they work so they can be married to a ‘doctor’ (this goes for both men and women!!!)…. Ughh. Just making the observation that its really cool when a signigificant other is in full support is a pretty cool thing, indeed! I should be more thankful.
    3. Our entire office is addicted to the blog… and everyone may be beoming a little more introspective.. so in a way.. you opening a door.. encourages others to open doors as well.
    cheerio and keep up the good work!

    1. Wow, Rick! You totally made my day. I love to hear that your entire staff is having fun with all this crap I’m putting down here 😀 So I read your comment to my husband because it was so great, and he said, “well, he must not be squeezing too many patients in if he could find the time to write that comment- HAHA! Glad you found a little break the day before the holiday. That’s one thing I don’t miss– being on call for 10 different dental practices on holidays.

      It is great to have a supportive spouse. I know I couldn’t have made any changes without him. He said to me one day, “you have to make a change. I don’t care what you do. We can sell our house if we need to, but you can’t come home from work like this every day.” Pretty cool considering what you say is right. Many don’t get it and prefer the status or the income over a happy spouse.

      Sounds like you have s future as a pastry chef 😉

      Thanks a bunch for your kind words! I’ll see you next time on the Lido Deck…

  4. First, I have to say the obvious… Your husband sounds like a great guy. Supportive too.

    So, it seems like you’ve left us hanging here. I love that! 🙂
    What happens next? Have you submitted anything? Well…??? Did you win?
    Just so you know, I got curious, and did a web search. I found a video that seems like it might be what you’re talking about. A parody? Will you go with it, or was that something else entirely?

    By the way, you are either really small, or that guy was huge. 😀
    Oh, and you’ve the voice and smile for this sort of thing. Really, you do.
    Well, you go girl. You got my vote! 😉

    Can we still be friends after you’re famous?

    1. Ha! Thanks!!! I did enter the contest almost 2 years ago and didn’t get it. The next post tells that part. I assume you found the right video because I am pretty mini 😉

      The hubs is a great guy. You’ve told a story or 2 and left me hangin’… Still waiting for what happened next. :D. Great technique, huh? It’s coming soon but I’m afraid the unknown is probably more exciting than the real story!

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