chalking it up

I came across this beautiful post today by my blogging friend Carla, who also happens to share a much more significant connection to me. It comes at a time in my life and my writing that it really speaks to me. I’ve spent many months telling my story of change, and it’s been really fun and even cathartic to share it. As I’m re-living my past on the pages of my blog, I spend the rest of my time attempting to live in the present. She so eloquently expresses her thoughts in a way I never could. So I’ll just say… what she said. I’m sure it will speak to you too.

Our own sweet time...

A painful interaction with a friend I thought I knew well sent me scrambling for meaning last week. Somewhere between my WWJD/Buddhist thought/Universal wisdom processing and the feedback from my been-around-the-block-together friends, I found my answer on how to proceed. Can’t say it’s comfortable, but I can say it’s compassionate.

But what’s really interesting is the larger thought threshold it has caused me to cross: how do we decide where to invest our energy, our hearts, our lives? 

We learn early on, with the death of a first pet, that we’re not in control of the outcome. For most of us, though, knowing we will outlive these devoted friends and experience the grief again…and again…does not outweigh the gifts they deliver in the everyday.

We learn through our careers that countless hours invested in a major project can yield a pitiful ROI. But that doesn’t keep us from getting excited…

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7 thoughts on “chalking it up

  1. Good Morning….thanks for that. My take-away is that I can be at peace with whatever I am called to do at the time. I spent years in Dental Practice Management and worked hard to help many dentists who were also became my friends. I took little pay at times in order to help a fledgling practice. I think I cared more about their practices that they did…LOL!

    One day, I just had the thought, “You’re done”. I left consulting and the money and haven’t looked back since. I HAVE opened a small dental assisting school where we train people, hands-on, to WORK !

    I work from home now…I write, I grab my guitar whenever I want ( not that I can play much but I enjoy trying), raise a few chickens, planted a big garden, build food//clothing bags for the homeless and work on things pertaining to the school. Nothing of what I have done or experienced in the past has actually been lost. Well, I have to qualify that. My husband and I have had to open our hands and let many people go….. A little sad, but ultimately a good choice, because they were a drain on my spirit.

    The dental business is crazy, but I grant that other disciplines can be just about as demanding, so I’m not whining. To everything, there is a season . . .

    1. I’m so glad to see you appreciated it as much as I did. I just loved the image of the chalk art being so meaningful at that moment and then just disappearing, but that there was value in the journey.

      You probably did care more about their practices! Sometimes I thought I cared more about patients’ teeth than they did. 😉 Sounds like your present gig suits you very well. I love hearing from others in the field who were able to find the right place for themselves. Very cool!

  2. Hi,
    I clicked over and I agree, a very well written post.
    I love the photo, all those people painting no doubt fantastic things, I would of loved to have seen the finished project it would of been spectacular. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing this – I guess it brings some answers to my questions too. I have been asking about the “start” and the “end” to our behaviour, image etc, and now I learn that there might just be value in the journey. Indeed, a lot to think about this week.

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