Art Inspiring Art

While Lynn Drury rocked on stage at the French Quarter Festival… 

…I was lucky enough to get a double dose of entertainment.  I had a front row seat watching a bunch of colors and lines become a painting.

You never know what pleasant surprises you’ll find if you just take a moment to notice.


13 thoughts on “Art Inspiring Art

    1. Do what, Rich? Paint, play guitar, sing, or watch other people be talented? 😉 I assume you mean paint. Very cool. I’ve tried it, and it’s so hard.

    1. Me too, mj. It gives me a better appreciation of the final product. It’s so cool to see a result that you wouldn’t anticipate by watching from the start.

  1. Wow! Love the fantastic art! Glad you were sitting at the right place, coz if you weren’t, i might not get to see this wonderful piece of art 🙂

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