A Little Hankey Pankey to Reignite the Flame

This photo has nothing to do with this post, but it's my blog, so I can do whatever I want, right? I took this photo while on a walk today. Boone's Tavern in Denver.

Once I found my dream job, I eagerly threw myself into my work.  I had so much new stuff to learn, and so much to unlearn.  I had a mentor right there on the spot, and he spent hours teaching me what he knew.  He filled my head with new ideas and thoughts of a bright future and all of the great things we could do for people.  He urged that I follow in his footsteps and go to The Pankey Institute.  Attending would give me a much better understanding of all he was teaching me.  So I went, and it did.

For those of you who don’t know, Pankey is a top-notch, well-respected dental education institute with an interesting philosophy.  In a nutshell, it’s about giving the best you have for your patients and providing them with the highest level of care.  It’s about treating patients as individuals, not as a set of teeth.  It’s about treating complicated and simple cases with higher success and predictability.  It’s about values and relationships and community.  And it’s also about applying these things to yourself and your own life.  It’s about finding balance in your life by filling it with love, work, play, and spirituality.  With this balance comes greater happiness.  And if you are happy, the rest will follow.

Guess what?

They are damn good at teaching those things.

I loved Pankey.  At the time, it was the saving grace in my relationship with dentistry.  I believe this is also the case for many other dentists.  I always came home from my trips to Florida excited to jump in and apply what I learned.  I was finally proud of what I was doing, and I felt good about it.

I’ve noticed something funny about Pankey… the old guys called it “The Institute.”  The young guys called it “Pankey.”  And my friend Dana, who knew little about it, called it “Hankey Pankey.”  Maybe she was on to something.  In a way, that’s just what is was for me.  The Hankey Pankey put the spark back into my dimming relationship with dentistry.

Stay tuned for Why I Love Hankey Pankey!


22 thoughts on “A Little Hankey Pankey to Reignite the Flame

  1. Hi,
    It sounds like a wonderful place to study, they must have very good teachers there. Teachers I feel are what can break or make a place for students.

    I love your photo, it really did bring on a smile. 😀

    1. Hi Mags, It is a really great place, and I agree that teachers really make a difference. Glad you liked the photo, and glad to see you are up on our pop culture over here! I know my recent posts might not offer much to the non-dental geeks out there, so I thought I’d throw that in there. Thanks, as always for sharing your thoughts!

      1. haha, Scott! I know my recent posts don’t offer much to the non-dental geeks out there, but thanks for continuing to come around. My next post will feature the Spear/Pankey duel.

    1. I think it’s definitely worth it! As far as which to choose… ??? I know nothing about Spear, but my next post (ironically) will have something in it about both 😀

  2. I went to pankey my first year out of dental school. My father in law was a pankey president a few years back and encouraged me to go and continues to mentor me.
    I learned so much stuff there that we didn’t even touch in dental school and use it every day. I feel like it has made me a better dentist and has definitely given me a better understanding of all aspects of dentistry. What all courses have you taken? I need to go back.

    1. Glad to meet others out there that had a great experience with Pankey also. When I started they were “Continuums” and I did C2E, but then they changed them to “Essential.” I made it to E3 and then decided to call it a day. It’s good stuff though. How about you? You should go back– it will reignite that spark for you even if it isn’t dimming.

    1. Thanks, brains! I did take it, and I want to live there too. It was actually in Tulum, Mexico, and it is perfection. Very few people, so velvety sand, and the clearest turquoise water. Nice to know that we have such pristine beaches so close to us!

        1. I know, it’s so sad because it’s a wonderful place. We used to go a few times a year, but haven’t in the last year. That’s not the reason, but it certainly doesn’t help.

        1. Well, at least it’s good for something! I have to make lists too, or I forget to do everything. Make sure you find a good dentist 😉 My blog started out as a food/travel blog, and then it evolved to the dental stuff. I wasn’t so sure how interesting the topic is to non-dental-geeks, but it seemed to just be where it’s all taking me. Thanks for reading!

  3. The only reason I would have continued on and pursued a dental degree is because of philosophical thinkers like Pankey. The worst part about understanding a bit about occlusal based dentistry is that you find yourself frustrated when you are not working with people that want to pursue passion and commit themselves to doing good work. I have a huge respect for the movement, although it’s not perfect it’s better than traditional dentistry which seems to fail too many people.

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