10 Reasons I Loved Dental School

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… it’s list time again!  As I reflect on my journey in and out of dentistry, I am compelled to go back to the beginning: DENTAL SCHOOL.  Since my last list was all about the hate, I need some balance.  So for today, it’s all about the love.

10 Reasons I Loved Dental School

1) Scrubs!  Who gets to wear pajamas to work everyday?  How great is it to roll out of bed  and get into something MORE comfortable?

Better yet... parties in scrubs.

2) Parties!  With all of the stress, we really needed to let off some steam.

Don't worry. This was only Halloween.

3) Gross Anatomy!  I’ll never forget that ominous moment standing at our tanks the first day when Dr Spears gave us the green light.  The silence in the room turned to an audible gasp as the tank doors opened and the dead bodies were raised to the surface.  For me it was surreal.  The best part, though, was leaving everyday with the nasty stench of formaldehyde seeping from your pores; with no clue that you stunk, even in fresh air.  No clue, that is, until one year later when your nose was resensitized and the new freshman class was having their go at it.

4) Instant friends!  And great ones at that. I had just come back from a year abroad in Spain.  While living there was the most exciting time in my life, there was often a lot of discomfort associated with being alone abroad learning a new language.  There were many lonely times that reminded me how much I love having close friends, even if they are all a bunch of greedy basterds.

5) Excitement!  We were doing things that many people never get to experience in their lifetime… pulling teeth and doing root canals, to name a few.  Not that I necessarily liked doing those things, but it was an adventure.

6) Two words, baby: Nitrous Oxide!  Oddly, I actually can’t remember the name of that course.  Was it Dental Anesthesia, or something?  The day we paired up with a classmate and had to administer it on each other was, um, a memorable one.  I mean, who gets to get high in class?

7) When my clinic instructor dropped my gold onlay down my patients throat!  Okay, I didn’t love that AT ALL!  Especially the new onlay I had to make, the new temporary I had to make, the new impression I had to make, the new 3 hour appointment I had to make, or the 3 hours sitting in the hospital with my patient waiting for his chest X-ray to show that he didn’t aspirate the thing.  But I did love that it was my teacher, and not me, who caused all of the ruckus. *snicker*

8) The Rock Band!  What were they called?  Shimstock? Funky Buddha?  No wait, Anodyne!  They provided hours of entertainment playing some great tunes.


9) Old tests!  Thank goodness for those. With 1-2 tests a day, there is no way we would have passed some of those Biochem tests without some “guidance.”  Wait, is that cheating?

10) Nerds!  Put me in a class with a bunch of them, and for once I get to be the cool kid.  Just kidding, all you GUNNER classmates of mine.  Even though you gunned your way into ortho, doesn’t necessarily mean that you were a nerd.

How about you?  Did you love dental school?  If so, why?

Oh, and don’t you worry, dental geeks (or non-dental geeks) out there.  Coming soon… 10 Reasons Dental School Sucked!

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32 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Loved Dental School

  1. Umm… the END of dental school??? I have a feeling a lot of folks will agree! 😀

    I agree most with #4 and #5, and a resounding yes with #9. As with any life adventure, you learn a lot about yourself and others, grow up a little and find a direction you want to go in (or change as needed *wink, lolabees)!

  2. Yes, Ritu. Graduation was a beautiful thing. I thought about adding that, but there is something about being in school that I really miss– maybe that’s #1, 2, 4, and 5 for me!

    1. Thanks, mags! Yes, it cut out so much of the early morning rush of trying to decide what to wear. And it allowed us to focus on buying fun clothes for our wardrobe! No need to buy work clothes.

  3. I also liked being one of your patients when you were in Dental School! And I loved your move to Denver! The ride from Dallas to Denver was fun!

  4. Ah yes, LOVED the nitrous oxide clinic! LOL What wasn’t so fun was the rest of the local anesthetic class. Nothing like having a classmate coming at you with a shaking needle! And, of course, the class was right before lunch so you had to try to eat with half a numb face. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Oh, so true! Ha! I forgot about that! I pulled out the old d-school year books to jog my memory and got a few laughs out of that too. Thanks for helping me with a memory I must have tried to block out 😀

    2. That IS funny! 25 years ago… And I can still completely visualize my classmates hand shaking like he was making a martini! I thought ‘ what a dork’……. Until it was my turn!
      Too funny!

      1. Great description. I was shaking that much on my first patient injection. After that, it never happened again. I still laugh at how I saw myself shaking that much and couldn’t stop it. It also made me think that the lady was crazy for even allowing me to come at her with a needle that way! She was so sweet.

    1. Thanks, LYT! Agreed– the friends are what made all the other stuff so great. I had a lot of fun writing this post, and I’m sure will continue to do so in the next one 😉

  5. Great blog post, again! Man, I gotta say, I had a great time in dental school. I wish being a dentist outside of dental school was as much fun. Although I did always hate being the example patient for how to work on a gagger (everyone come in and see distraction techniques for a gagger while you take impressions/x-rays/place rubber dam/etc etc etc). Also I apparently had some good anatomy for anesthetic placement so I was a demo model for that too. Here let me stick this needle in your mouth and then have everyone gather around so they can see the perfect placement to do a Gow-Gates block. Okay maybe those parts weren’t as much fun. But the rest was a great time. *sigh* full of nostalgic feelings now. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Natalie! I had my own share of nostalgia today. I whipped out the old yearbooks, and had some good laughs. Kristen reminded me of the injections– somehow I managed to block those out (wonder why?) but now I do remember. Sounds like you were a lucky girl 😉 Glad I could help with the memories! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice top 10 list. I agree with most of them (especially #2!!!). Looking forward to the next one. Your last top 10 list still makes me wonder about my choices. I have those thoughts that I’m in the wrong profession but then I’ll have days when patients are so appreciative for what I have done for them that I’m on a high the rest of the day. It is such a roller coater ride! How much more can I take before I lose my mind? We’ll see……..

    1. Thanks, ddsmonkey! #2 was definitely the best part. It is a roller coaster. We’ve certainly all been there. I think you’ll know if the bad days start to overwhelm the good days. It took me 10 years to figure it out, and I lost my mind a few times along the way…

    1. Eh, you probably wouldn’t have liked it anyway, MJ 😉
      I like the memory it gives you. I’m used to hearing, “have you ever seen ‘Marathon Man’? That’s what I always think of when I come to the dentist.” 😀

  7. 2 thoughts….
    Scrubs: being older than you, we still had to wear ties with white lab coats (just pre- total infection control)…… Ruined a LOT of ties, and was too poor to buy new ones!
    Also… Got pretty hot wearing shirt, tie, lab coat, etc…. First couple times giving injections, first filling, etc.
    Now….. when we started wearing Scrubs in my GPR, …way too cmfortable! Wear Scrubs Monday thru Friday…. All the sudden, jeans, etc feel tight when going out on the weekend.
    I still blame Scrubs for my ‘spare tire’ 🙂
    … But u r spot on with your post!

  8. Scrubs made the list? Lol 🙂

    Excitement!? I’ve never had a root canal, but now I wonder if I should be nervous should the scenario arise. A giddy dentist who’s “excited” about my root canal brings to mind a rather discomforting image! 😉

    Loved the post. Didn’t you get out of it? Seems like you would miss all this high spirited shenanigans.

    1. It’s the simple pleasures, dinkerson.
      Think of it this way… you’d rather your dentist be excited about a procedure than disinterested or even hateful of a procedure. This way you know they are having fun doing their work, as sick and twisted as that sounds.
      Yes, I did get out. Notice there is not much dentistry on this list? 😉

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