Happy Happy to You…

Being in dental school was all dentistry all of the time.  When you weren’t in class learning about it or in clinic practicing, you were at home studying for the next exam.  And we had tests daily.   All you dental geeks out there know what I’m talking about.  Then, when you’re not doing it or studying about it, you’re at Happy Hour talking about it.  Don’t get me wrong– I liked dentistry, but I just needed a break from it.  It was an exciting time, and we had fun; it was too much for me.

Then I met my buddies, Molly and Jason.  Molly and Jason were my neighbors for 1 year while in school.  They bought a house and moved 30 minutes outside of Dallas.  We remained great friends, with weekend sleepovers at their house while the dental school rock band played our own private gigs.  These 2 people were a blessing for me.  They offered me an escape from my totally one-dimensional life.  I could actually feel like a normal person for a few hours.

We still remain great friends to this day.  One of my favorite things about them is that they know how to make me laugh.  They love the fact that I’m Jewish.  I can’t remember if I’ve ever asked them if they’ve had any Jewish friends before because they are totally excited by it.  It’s like being a blonde in Asia (I imagine.)  They just think it’s funny.  So every year they try to outdo themselves.  One year they sent me this great hat…And, yes, Molly and Jason… here is the proof that I did wear it in public.

This year they gave me something even better– a really good laugh.  Jason surprised me with this video.  He found pictures of himself, Molly, Nick, and me that were on Facebook.  Oh, and our good friend Puffy or P-diddy or daddy, or whatever you call him now.

So maybe I’m biased because he chose a picture of Nick making his funny Zoolander face. Or because I just like seeing Jason with a Jewfro and Molly bustin’ out some rockin’ moves.  Or maybe because it’s fun to pretend this Jewish girl can rap.

Feliz Januka.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.


17 thoughts on “Happy Happy to You…

  1. Hello , I graduated from a us dental school in july 1988 and the next day opened my practice in Italy. For the last 24 years , I wakeup in the morning and think about my patients and dentistry. Dentistry in Italy is different you can do everything from ortho to implants . So , the stress level is very high. …… So every morning besides thinking of dentistry , I wonder why and is it really worth the sacrifies… Oh, well here we are and here we stay…. Love your blog
    Ciao from italy paolo

    1. Hi Paolo– amazing how it can consume our thoughts! Yes, it’s so stressful. It sounds like you’ve still found a way to make it benefit you despite all of the sacrifices? Grazie for reading and sharing your comments! (That’s the extent of my Italiano.) Where are you in Italy?

      1. In the cold foggy low lands , the city of Modena -the home of ferrari’s- parmiggiano cheese- balsamic vineger and tortellini ! My grandfather always said you know where you are born , you never know where you will end . Born in Newark grewup in Houston studied at st.thomas univ., texas a&m , Hbu and dental school at howard and for now in italy…….

        1. The home of all things delicious! Wow! You sound like quite the adventurer– at least you chose amazing places to live and study. I applied to dental school in Newark (family is from NJ,) but when I didn’t even feel like flying out for the interview, I figured it probably wasn’t a place I wanted to live 😉

  2. You are a unique person and being Jewish adds to the fun! We are also very lucky to have met such an inspirational friend. Yes, the hat leading up to Jason’s creativity this Christmas is our way of celebrating with you. Happy holidays to you and yours 🙂

    1. Love that video. How does it feel having a whole post written about you? I wanted to put up the photos of us belly dancing in the motorcycle helmets, but thought best not to 😉 Merry Christmas, Mol!

    1. Ain’t that the truth! It’s a never-ending vicious cycle! There’s this sick need to share everything that happened in your day because it’s so exciting, yet you just want a break from it all!

  3. Sounds like you went to Baylor 😀 I’m currently a BCD and actually really love it. I enjoy reading your blog as it gives great insight into the career. Thanks and happy holidays!

    1. I did, and it is a great school! Glad you like the blog, and thanks for visiting! Let me know if you ever want to know any other real scoop– I do have some good things to say about it too 😉 Happy Holidays, Jiro!

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