The Colors of Old San Juan


A day in Old San Juan is best described as colorful.

The streets glow with the blue cobblestone.

Even the city wildlife fits the bill.


19 thoughts on “The Colors of Old San Juan

    1. Isn’t it funny how some of these colors look amazing here, but would look ridiculous in certain places? Thanks, ephem– your photos are amazing, so I take that compliment very seriously!

  1. @Chirag Desai… hey, If I am from Puerto Rico and have traveled to India 3 times already, you can certainly try to visit us in Puerto Rico once in your lifetime!!! We will be waiting for your visit with open arms!!!

  2. Someone said ‘Calm, Colorful” Yes Old San Juan is beautiful. But when we were there the streets very bustling with people everywhere. The day you took these pictures it must have been some national “Stay Inside Day” holiday or something. LOL. Anyway thanks for the memory.
    ‘Nuff Said

    1. That’s funny. I guess it really wasn’t that crowded when we were there. It was also beginning of hurricane season, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe they knew we were coming 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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