Will I ever learn my lesson?

Now that the bulk of my traveling has come to a close (for now at least,)  it’s time to do a little more reflecting.  I asked myself a question a few posts back when I was faced with a test.  I forgot my camera and asked myself if I could survive without it.

I look back on my “experiment” after I arrived in New Orleans without my camera, and what did I learn?  First, being without my camera really didn’t matter all that much in the scheme of things.  I still had fun and enjoyed every minute of it.  I also learned not to waste my time and money on a disposable camera because the photo quality is downright pathetic.  I learned that I need to get an iphone… for many reasons including the camera quality.  Ok, need is a strong term.  How about, it would be nice?  I also learned that what seems like such an important thing at one moment in time, almost never matters after some time passes.  Sometimes we don’t even need to let time be the determinant, we can just make a choice and control it on our own without relying on an outside factor like time to affect our emotions.  I learned that I love having a camera around because it is so wonderful to capture those moments that make such beautiful memories.  The best way for me to spark my memory is with a picture.

What I didn’t learn is to remember my camera.

We went to Beaver Creek, CO for a wedding last weekend, and what is the one thing I forgot?  My camera.  So I missed shooting the experiences at this beautiful mountain resort, I missed the spectacular scenery, and I missed capturing the delicious food.   More importantly, I missed the meaningful stuff– highlights of family and friends taking the time to celebrate life and love.  How many times do I need to blunder before I learn this lesson?

I’ll mention that we stayed at the Ritz, a decadent treat for us.  I don’t know what it is, but you feel so special at the Ritz.  Okay, I know what it is: it’s a $21 omelet for breakfast, or $40 to park your car there for the night.  For that, they better make you feel special.

I started this blog 8 months ago, and have managed to have a steady stream of trips to write about– all while working and living a “normal” life.  For now that is done, and there is a lull… but not for long!

  I’ve just booked the next trip… 10 days in Puerto Rico!  So now I need your help.  Where should I go? Where should I stay?  What should I see?  Where should I eat?  Let the planning begin!

 Because one of the best parts of any trip is the anticipation of what’s to come.


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