More than just music at the French Quarter Festival

One thing I’ve learned from visiting music festivals over the years is that the experience is about much more than just good music and food.  It’s about the culture too, and each festival has its own personality.  They all share one thing in common though: the people.  People watching provides just the right form of entertainment to accompany any event.  I find myself thankful for our individuality, because without it, life can be a little boring. 

Often times you get to see an interesting fashion statement.

Or sometimes you might see a little too much.Some people are all about safety first… because you never know what kind of danger might appear at any moment.  Protective head-gear is a must if you want to avoid a serious head injury at a high risk event like this.I’m not sure what to say about the purple hat with pink polka dots, except I like it!

There are a lot of people at these events, and it can be easy to get lost.  These folks seem to have the solution for that: make sure you always have a buddy.  And to make it easy to stay together, make sure you and your buddy are wearing matching shirts.And the one must-have in order to truly appreciate the free entertainment: a Pat O’s Hurricane.Or maybe two…

And just remember, when everyone in the city is having fun, you can always count on Tulane to support the festivities and make sure everything is okay.


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