New Orleans: Tacos at Superior Grill

It’s a good thing for the show Treme.  I’ve had little motivation to write lately.  It’s mostly because I have been so busy with other things that I have procrastinated… a lot.  It’s Sunday evening, and while I have committed to writing a weekly post, I haven’t done it yet this week.  So here I am watching Treme and it suddenly hits me.  The nostalgia sets in, and I’m ready to write.  Thank you for your help, Treme.Every city needs to have a fun Mexican restaurant– even New Orleans. Days and days of traditional N’awlins food can make me feel stuffed. Something lighter and a little less saucy keeps me from feeling too overwhelmed by such rich food.  This night, a trip on the streetcar up to Superior Grill provided the perfect break in between many heavy, gluttonous meals.  The chance to enjoy a great margarita didn’t hurt either.There is so much more to Superior Grill than just food that makes it a great spot.  Their patio looks like the perfect happy hour hangout.  Situated on beautiful St Charles Ave, with the sights and sounds of the streetcar rolling by under the oak trees, its energy is magnetic.  It offers the total package for a fun casual night out with their reliable food, great location, and easygoing atmosphere.  I always have aspirations to get there for a happy hour, but something else usually gets in the way.

If you’ve spent any time reading my blog, you know that I love tacos.  Superior Grill has an extensive and unique menu with things like crawfish enchiladas and brisket tacos.  But this meal was supposed to be a break for me, so I chose the fish tacos– with one stipulation: that Nick share his brisket tacos with me.  The fish was fresh and just fine, but the presentation of the taco itself was a little boring– it was simply a corn tortilla with a grilled filet of fish in it.  And nothing else.The fish tacos were pretty average, but with their guac and salsa added to it, it was a satisfying and light break from gumbos and etouffees.

The real star of the show (besides my marg) was the brisket taco– just brisket in a corn tortilla, but flavorful enough to stand on its own.This plate looks like it was a combo of brisket tacos and the carnitas.  It’s hard to see the detail, as this was the best my blackberry could do.  Since I can’t remember the carnitas, I’ll venture to say they didn’t outshine the brisket.

I was happy to check another meal off with the satisfaction that we enjoyed another successful meal in New Orleans.  Since I don’t generally go to NOLA for Mexican food, I don’t know if there are other great Mexican restaurants there.  Superior Grill does a pretty good job of filling that niche, but if anyone out there knows of another, I’d love to hear about it.


4 thoughts on “New Orleans: Tacos at Superior Grill

  1. I lived in NOLA all through college and grad school and Superior was the perennial favorite! Happy hour, late night, early afternoon snack, whatever, it suits the mood. Love the sangria swirl margarita, and the uptown quesadillas! It may not be completely authentic Mexican cuisine, but definitely worth the trip for great atmosphere and queso dip!

    1. Agreed! They opened up the year after I graduated, and I can’t remember what was there before. I’ll have to try that marg when I actually make it for happy hour!

  2. It’s a party. I have so many happy memories of family gathering there. But the best was the afternoon that it was too hot and humid to leave our hotel room next door to Superior Grill so we ordered the take-out margs, only in New Orleans, and drank them in bed watching Oprah!

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