A few random thoughts…

Anyone wonder how we are able to travel so much?  Here is your answer…

See this photo?  It was taken 5 years ago on our honeymoon.

Now see this photo? This was taken a week ago on our 5-year anniversary.  So that is our secret. Money that would be spent on new clothes, goes toward traveling!  The weird thing about it is, for some reason, we both decided to pack these outfits– without consulting each other.  I haven’t worn this since our honeymoon, and I’m ashamed to say it is still in my closet.  Then we both decided to wear them on the same night– without consulting each other.  I guess we were meant to be together…  or, we’ve been together long enough that we are becoming the same person.

Sorry to all of my fashion savvy friends.  I hope you’re not cringing right now, and I hope you still love me.

I just have one more very random thought to share…

On Sunday, while sitting at the beach, we looked into the distance and saw at least 50 sails floating in the sky.  There was a group of people kiteboarding all the way from Cozumel to PDC.  The distance: almost 17 miles!  They arrived to a reception at the beach of our hotel, and it was really quite a show to watch them all arrive.  These guys were beat.  I wish I could do that.

Sails parked on the beach from the kiteboarders




5 thoughts on “A few random thoughts…

  1. thats so funny!!! lol…if you gave me the pics without the details i would have thought it was from teh same day! you guys and your clothing have not changed in 5 years!!! great post

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