Vegetarian London

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to tag along on a work trip with my husband.  After 10 days in the UK, I can still say the stereotype is true– they really are that polite!  Having traveled to many crowded foreign cities, it was a treat to be around people who respect a queue.  I kept flashing back to the Griswolds’ encounters in London with a certain British gentleman.     Check out this link– it is the real deal!

Adapting to the local cuisine was definitely challenging.  Fish and chips– gluten; bangers and mash– dairy; mushy peas– probably dairy, or at least butter.  Of course I had to try some of those things once, and they were good– once.  I actually really liked the mushy peas, but I mostly get a kick out of calling my food mushy– especially with an English accent– mooshy peas.

London seems to have a ton of vegetarian restaurants– more than I’ve seen anywhere!  Since my diet changed, I have turned into quite the carnivore.  I still love a good vegetarian meal though.  Some friends that lived in London 15 years ago sent me to their favorite restaurant in the city… Food For Thought.  There is a reason they are still in business!  They serve fresh, flavorful, and colorful cuisine that doesn’t need meat to give it substance.  All of the dishes looked fantastic, but I steered away from things like lasagna, stir-fry, and quiche.  I had a hearty bowl of  Moroccan chickpea tagine.  It was so delicious, filling, and perfect for a rainy day– and it was affordable!  The restaurant only has a few tables, so I was– get this– forced to sit with strangers!  I happened to be wandering around alone that day, so it was lovely to meet some friendly locals.  After all, this is really what traveling is all about.  Note that they don’t take credit cards, and it looks like you can BYO wine without a corkage fee.  I don’t have photos, but check out their website at   It gives an extremely accurate description of their restaurant and their food.  All of you vegetarians out there, this is the city for you!

Here are a few photos of this amazing city…


2 thoughts on “Vegetarian London

  1. Well if you’re ever in town again feel free to meet up and I can take you on a tour of all the dental surgeries in London to tempt you back in! How do you fancy working for the National Health Service? For the handsome fee of £49 your patient can have an exam, scaling, radiographs, periodontal treatment, as many fillings and root canals as they need! I’m starting to think that the politeness in the video above is why we Brits actually signed up to such a system! (And why I now work as a salaried dentist!). I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! 🙂

    1. Jas- I will indeed be back, and while your tour sounds absolutely fabulous (not a reference to one of your popular shows,) I think I might be busy that day. LOL. I might be available for some food or travel though. One of my friends called my husband and me Anglophiles. We love it there. I truly was shocked (in a good way) at how stereotypically true that character was in the movie.

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