A New Discovery

Over a month ago I entered a contest to be a travel show host for Paradise Hunter for 3 months. While I thought there was only a slight chance anything substantial would directly come of it, I knew it would open a door for me. What that was, I didn’t know at the time. After weeks of daydreaming about the perfect gig, and then realizing the job wasn’t mine, it became clear to me that I am very passionate about a few things: traveling and good food!  And… there is nothing I like more than sharing those things with other people, whether they are interested or not!  So it only seemed appropriate that I start a blog.  If I can’t be a travel show host, why not keep pretending?  It was fun while it lasted, and there is no need to quit now!

I plan to share the things that make my travels so much more enjoyable for me.  This will include the best food, great sights, and my favorite places to stay.  You can count on 2 things: I like food that tastes great but is mostly healthy, and I love a good deal!   A few years ago, I discovered that I have some food sensitivities.  That will be my little twist on my food commentaries.  I am in search of great food without gluten, soy, dairy, and egg, and I will share that with you. Hopefully this will help others trying to avoid certain foods in unknown cities. For all you lucky ones who can eat whatever you want, don’t worry, the food suggestions are for you too! Don’t be surprised if you see the occasional ice cream or bagel with cream cheese on here– a girl has got to cheat sometimes!

Check out my video that I submitted for the contest.  I hope it makes you chuckle!

Here’s to keeping the dream alive…


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