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Behind the Scenes of the Big Reveal

Isn’t that just the best? I have always resisted making bucket lists because they felt like New Year’s Resolutions to me.  I figure, why do I need either when I live my life the way I want (almost) every day? … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes of a Top Secret Weekend

I recently revealed how this contest junkie finally won a contest, and now you get to see what the Reflect Your Youth contest is.The brains behind the campaign (the lovely and talented Chelsea) knew that our product has what it … Continue reading

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Reviving an Old Dream

Sometimes when I stop and look at the way life unfolds, I can’t help but notice how crazy it can be.  I’m experiencing something I didn’t ever anticipate with this career change.  Everything seems to be coming full circle, and… … Continue reading

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Dr. Lolabees: Non-Dental Superhero

Go see this interview of yours truly on dental eggs! Eva is a hygienist who adds a little humor to this crazy line of work you are all in.  Oh, and by the way, she wrote the title.  I refer … Continue reading

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Challenging “The Great Dental Hoax: Why Twice a Year Cleanings Mean Nothing”

Back in March my blogging friend, Carrie, wrote a post titled The Great Dental Hoax: Why Twice a Year Cleanings Mean Nothing.  Wow, what a compelling title!  Did she know some secret that I’ve been missing all these years?  I … Continue reading

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Exposing the Ugly Side of Facebook

Who’s ready for some drama?  Not just the geeky dental drama you’re used to, but also the blogging, copyrighting, Facebook kind of drama? If you’ve spent any time on my blog, you’ve probably noticed that I like to be pretty … Continue reading

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Don’t Steal My Stuff, Dude!

Did you know that content gets stolen all the time on the internet? And I don’t just mean identity and credit card theft.  I’m talking about content.  A few years ago I was curious to find out how National Geographic … Continue reading

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